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Extreme Hydration

Change your water, Change your Life

Water is the most important nutrient
that your body needs.

Water is needed for every function in the human body.
Water is the highest ratio in the make up of every organ in your body.
Water is also 22% of your bone structure.

Without water nothing works or functions in the body, so when your dehydrated all bodily functions suffer and will start to shutdown, so when you are sick doesn't it make sense to consider how hydrated you are.

Coffee, pop, tea, fruit juices are not water, your body runs on water.

Any type of sickness is just an outward display of an unhealthy body trying to survive and or to heal itself.
But basically, every chronic / degenerative disease like cancer, diabetes, heart and blood conditions, breathing and skin conditions, obesity, arthritis, even brain conditions are all a by-product of our lifestyle and environment.
You don’t just get a chronic or degenerative disease, you earn it.

For some you may have been born with a health condition and / or maybe you are just more susceptible to having a health crisis and under these circumstances it just means that you have to work harder with your body to strengthen your ability to prevent and to handle a health crisis.

Sickness is an unhealthy body that is not functioning at optimal efficiency.

This means that your body is maybe too toxic, dehydrated, out of shape and / or has a weak immune system.

For many people their body is just stuck in the sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight response for far too long daily and not in the parasympathetic nervous system mode which is the healing mode.

Your health crisis will dictate how severe of a lifestyle change is needed to get you back to a healthy state.
And drinking the right type of water is one of, if not the most important thing that you could do to change your health conditions quickly.
Why? Because we are one big bio-chemical reaction and everything that is happening in our body is a bio-chemical reaction and for a bio-chemical reaction to occur we need a solvent and in our bodies it is water.
I believe that everyone should be taking charge of their own health, you should always ask the question Why am I sick? is that medical solution helping me or hindering my body? What are the after effects? Can my body handle this solution?

Your body is the healer, so help it to do its job, which is to keep you alive.


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