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Extreme Hydration

Kangen Water Therapy
Molecular Hydration & Waste Removal Specialist


Wellness Clinic

Kangen water has the ability to hydrate, alkalize, energize and to detoxify the body quickly.  It will create the conditions for your body to heal any disease.  This type of water is absolutely necessary for your body to heal and to repair any type of health conditions and to stay healthy.

Just ask us how.


Referral Programs

If you refer someone to our Hydration Therapy and they pay to use our services we pay you back for the referral and this is just our way to say thank you for helping us to help others.

This is a Research & Resources Site for Kangen Water
and how it can help to improve your health

 By appointment only we offer educational sessions, workshops and seminars for free on Health and what kangen water can do for you.

A healthy body does not just go from healthy to sick over night.

You don’t get cancer overnight, you are not a diabetic over night, you don’t get arthritis over night, you do not become over weight over night. All degenerative health conditions happen over time and can be fixed in a short period of time.

There are quick fix solutions, but they are short lived if your body still has the same inner environment that caused the disease in the first place.

So, if you are tired of being sick, being in pain all the time, your kids getting sick easily, being over weight and / or just not having any energy to get things done. Then give us a call at the Extreme Hydration Wellness & Fitness Center.

Extreme Hydration’s goal is to change your inner environment, we want to change it from an acidic destructive environment to an alkalized, hydrated and energized environment that will detox your body at the cellular level, improve nutrient absorption and slow down oxidative damage.

Our products will help your body to repair itself or at the very least stop or slow down the progression of any disease, help you lose fat, increase recovery time from workouts and injuries and lessen the negative effects of chemo and medications.

We also work on your cardio to develop your heart and lungs so that the blood can distribute nutrition and oxygen and eliminate waste. We also work on your physical development to keep or to get your body in shape.


                                         If you suffer or if you know anyone that does suffer from any of these Symptoms:

Chronic fatigue   |   Multiple Sclerosis   |   Migraines   |   High blood pressure   |   High cholesterol   |   Diabetes   |   Cancer

Circulation problems   |   Kidney diseases   |   Skin problems such as psoriasis, acne or eczema   |   Arthritis   |   Gout   |   Obesity 

Asthma or other lung conditions   |   Osteopenia or Osteoporosis   |   Inflammatory Bowel Disease   |   Dehydration

Irritable bowel syndrome   |   Fibromyalgia   |   Parkinson’s disease   |   Acid reflux   |   Memory loss   |   Etc..... 

These symptoms are called Degenerative Diseases which occur when your body stays in survival mode for too long.

Survival mode is when your body is too busy balancing your body’s ph and also trying to find and make storage places in your body for acidic waste products. 

                                                             Did you know that all of these conditions are all just symptoms of
                                                                                            Dehydration, Oxidation and Acidosis.

If you suffer or know anyone that suffers from health conditions, we would love to have the opportunity to prove to you that it does not have to cost a fortune to heal your condition and it can be done in a short period of time with no side effects.
For more information or to see a demo of our main product in action and learn how it can be beneficial to you in many ways and not just for your health, please drop us a line or come by and visit us during regular business hours.

                                                                              Demos and Assessments are by appointment only.

Drinking 1 litre of Kangen Water a day will give you more antioxidants than you could consume eating fresh fruits and vegetables all day and at the same time making you more alkaline neutralizing the acidic build from your daily routines and detoxing at the cellular level which is the fastest way to detox the body quickly.

                                                                                     So, come in and try our Kangen Water today.
                                                                                        Because really what have you go to lose.